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She owns his heart . . . the beast rules his soul.

Derek Rudliff was an ordinary man . . . or so he thought. The Were king tasted the legendary warrior blood coursing through Derek’s veins. Spared a brutal death, Derek’s reward as the future Were king is to spend eternity with his beloved mortal wife, but he must kill her and wait for her rebirth three hundred years later. Her intoxicating scent leads him on a quest to find her, but what Derek discovers is not what he had expected. His beloved is now Erin Richland, a fiery, emerald-eyed beauty with a mind of her own, and she’s far from the docile woman he remembers from centuries ago.

Erin Richland is no easy prey. Drawn to the mysterious stranger, Erin finds Derek’s attempts at seducing her are impossible to deny, but terrifying, haunting images of her forgotten past begin to resurface. Determined to get the coveted exclusive interview that could launch her career, Erin struggles between her attraction for Derek and getting to the bottom of the gruesome maulings and murders plaguing the young city of Everett, Washington. As much as she’s lured to Derek, she equally fears him, for she senses he is somehow connected to her terrifying dreams and imaginings.

Together, Derek and Erin must battle the dark forces of evil determined to pull them apart. Only then, can the two lovers find their way back to each other . . . and for all eternity.

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ISBN # 1-60154-957-1

Thorns of Eden is a steamy and suspenseful tale set in the American Civil War during the Peninsula Campaign of 1862.
Sometimes fate has other plans . . .
Major Rayce Hampton is the Confederacy’s final hope to turn the tide of war. Haunted by heartache of generations past, love is the last thing he has on his mind when he meets Eden Blair. The emerald-eyed beauty is as headstrong as she is tempting, but Rayce must keep his wits – and his secrets – as he executes his dangerous undercover mission to save the South.Accomplished nurse Eden Blair has secrets too  . . . only she doesn’t know about them yet. Stung by her fiancé’s betrayal, she has no reason to trust the scandalous Major Hampton. But as Yankee troops close in, Eden must take refuge in the major’s mysterious ancestral home, leading her into the shadowy corners of deceit and desire, where endless love lurks within every soft whisper.Thorns of Eden is a sweeping tale of mystery and passion, where love is as turbulent as the divided nation.



5 Stars  ***** The Romance Reviews ~ Top Pick! Holy smokes! This is one AWESOME novel! Diana Ballew knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she penned the words that make up this incredible historical novel. Her readers will instantly fall in love with, not only the beautiful characters, but the scenes, the sounds and the feel of a nation torn in two. Among the pages of this carefully penned story, you will find the beautiful and strong willed Eden. A woman who knows what she wants, but is still so full of innocence that she’s naive. She’s been down the path of love before and burned by the only man she’ll ever love, when Patrick turned traitorous and now fights against the south. You’ll also find Rayce, a man who lives only for the soon-to-be-raging war. He’s a Major in General JEB Stuart’s Confederate Army and there he will remain. He has no time for anything else. You’ll find the smart-mouthed, yet lovable Ann, stepmother to Eden and her brother Isaac. Let’s not forget sweet Lucy, married to Isaac and dear friend and confidante to Eden.But, among those characters, you’ll find the action. The action of two raging sides—the North and the South. It was a fantastic trip back to that time period. I walked alongside Rayce, felt his angst and worry. Felt his heart pounding when he thought of the Yanks invading Richmond. I was beside Eden, experiencing an incredible feeling of finding her one true love, when she met Rayce, yet feeling her turmoil of finding the truth about her ex-fiancé. The awesome part? I grew up not far from Tidewater and Hampton roads, places mentioned during this time of battle.Eden and Rayce are tender, richly detailed characters. Often butting heads, until one night of honest-to-goodness passion leaves them hungry for more….more than just bodies. Can they put aside their thorns of temper and fall in love?

Watching this novel unfold, with all the war raging around them, was like watching the North and South, Glory or any number of awesome Civil War movies. Ms Ballew takes you to the heart of the war and thrusts you in the middle of servants, slaves, plantations and Manors. To the heart of South. I could hear each gunfire, feel each rattle of cannon fires. Absolutely breathtaking!

I highly recommend this novel to every one who loves a good historical novel filled with ups and downs, smiles and heartaches, and romance. Ms. Ballew is an author who I will be checking out again in the future, for this was by far, one of my favorite 5 star historical Civil War novels.


~ Reader Reviews ~

5 Stars! ~ Amazon : Great Book!, January 12, 2012 I am a virgin romance novel reader. It has never been my genre of choice but when a friend recommended Thorns of Eden, I gave it a chance. Let me tell you, I could not put this one down. I am a now a bona-fide historical romance fan and cannot wait to read the next novel by Diana Ballew. Her characters are likable and engaging and the witty flirtations between the spirited Eden and dashing Rayce are fun and entertaining to read. I love how Ballew crafted the character of Ann, a snarky and insecure woman who is oh so fun to hate!

As a southerner, I enjoyed the lush descriptions of life in the south. The stately Manor with the sweeping lawn, the molasses cakes, the “aroma of fresh mint, rosemary, and lavender” as well as the sounds of “melodic birds” all made my senses feel like I was actually experiencing the South during that time period. The harsh reality of the Civil war provided a dramatic background to the growing love story.

And the love scenes, oh Lord, if I knew what the vapors were, I would probably be having them after reading those scenes. Dare I say they are passionate, and sizzling!!!

I enjoyed every page from the beginning to the end and would recommend this book wholeheartedly. I am looking forward to the next book from Diana.

5 stars! ~ Amazon: Civil War Awesome Romance!!!!  “Just got my copy and COULD NOT put it down! Seriously. While I’m not the biggest history buff, all the details making it feel real were so artfully woven in that I never once felt hit over the head with backstory. And steamy? Oh my! Heroine Eden Blair is wonderfully strong and Major Rayce Hampton is so yummy and alpha! This is definitely going on my “keepers” shelf and I’ll be watching out for this author’s next book, for sure.”


5 stars! Northern Night Gal ~ Barnes and Noble:Held Captive From Page OneThis book captivated me from the first page. From the start, Ms. Ballew’s lush description of Virginia during the Civil War placed me squarely in the time period, and I could vividly imagine the events transpiring as they did. The characters were very well-crafted, believable, and endearing. The hero, introduced to us as a handsome and arrogant Confederate Major, was someone I instantly disliked. It appeared that nothing could penetrate his armor of conceit. However, the heroine that Ms. Ballew fashioned became the hero’s armor-piercing kryptonite. At first, Rayce Hampton considered Eden Blair nothing more than the latest dalliance du jour. After several encounters with her, he soon realized that she was much more than the sum of her sweet southern parts. Eden managed to get under his skin and unwittingly begun poking holes in the tough exterior of his heart, until he had to admit that he could not live without her. All around them the war raged on, and as the war increased in fury, so did their passion for each other. The love scenes were beautifully written and tender as well as being smoldering hot; you really felt their mutual burning desires for each other. I especially liked the inclusion of a “family” curse and how their love extinguished it. The book was funny, passionate, charming, colorful and included many historical accounts without boring the “historically unappreciative”. As a big fan of witty repartee, this book had it in spades. The ending was a heart-tugger, and was utterly perfect. I will read anything this author writes; she has an easy read flow to her stories and the pages just flew by. What a great read!”


5 stars! Ginny ~ Amazon: Wonderful book. “This is such a wonderful book. I’m not a big reader these days, but I just can’t put this one down. It got me from the 1st page. I have recommended this book to so many people. Even a co-worker just wanted to glance at it and she couldn’t put it down either. She will be ordering this soon (if she hasn’t already). Can’t wait for more books from Diana.”


5 stars! Angela ~ Amazon : Love this book. “I love this book. It hooks you from the first few pages and then you don’t want to put it down! I can’t wait to read more from Diana!! I will be recommending this book to all of my friends!”


5 stars! J. Tate ~ Amazon: I Couldn’t Put It Down!Lush and richly textured setting, a spunky, romantic heroine, and a dashing, daring hero are woven together within the pages of Thorns of Eden by Diana Ballew. 

The romance between Eden and Rayce begins with Rayce choosing Eden as his next affair. Our courageous heroine, though wounded and longing for love and romance, sets him in his place. Thrown together again because of a family connection, he pursues, she resists – until she realizes she can’t live without him. He makes her feel alive and safe and secure in her recently turned upside down world. Drawn to Eden’s bold spirit as he never had been before, Rayce soon realizes that he wants her for more than one night, he wants her for a lifetime.

The author’s descriptions drew me back to the time when our country was split in two by war, making me feel like I was actually there, an observer to the action. The story has everything a romance reader could wish for – great characters, a touching romance, and sizzling love scenes. The book is a lively and entertaining read, keeping me enthralled from start to finish. I look forward to reading more from this author.


5 stars! Sandy Barnes and Noble: Great book!  ”I really enjoyed this book from start to finish! The characters are great and I loved the story line. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is quite hot and there are great side characters too. I even laughed out loud a couple of times! The author does a very nice job lacing history into the story line without going overboard. There are some twists and turns that truly make this a compelling story. Loved it!”


5 stars! Marion ~ Amazon: The title itself is full of theme and meaning. Through the eyes and hearts of the characters, the novel immerses the reader in the lifestyle and plight of Virginians during the Civil War through the hero’s and heroines that lived it. The sex scenes are steamy, showing important character arcs of the Confederate Alpha Male hero, Major Rayce Hampton, as he falls in love with the prickly but plucky Southern Belle, Eden Blair, changing them both. 

She blends southern tradition with a mind of her own. We love her willingness to involve herself in nursing the wounded, but we fear for her safety. A happy ending for the time being, but the Civil War is not over. I am looking for a sequel, Diana!

The author put their shoes upon my feet as the characters faced a sometimes harsh and merciless Northern Army, and if they lost the war (which we know they did) they faced destruction of home, plantations, lifestyle and loss of life. War is never simple, motives and loyalties are not always what history tells us, and Diana clearly demonstrates in the telling of a good story, the plight of the South. This one stays on my bookshelf for reading again.


5 stars Clare ~ Amazon : Thorns of Eden – Great Read Thorns of Eden is a great read. Ms. Ballew handles her history well. Her story is woven into the climactic events of the Civil War, but the reader is never bogged down with blatant history-building or stilted dialogue. The setting and the characters feel real. The hero grabs you and drags you into his secrets, and the heroine is courageous and determined. Together they create great heat as well as tenderness. There’s passion, intrigue, danger, and humor. I look forward to more.